Throw the rope
Satahanka XII camp is the crown of summer 2013! International scouting, friends, seamanship, scouting experience of a lifetime by the sea. The camp is held 29.7. - 5.8.2013
There are six whole camp days, and of these one is common for the whole camp. On all other days the participants can sail, train sea rescue and learn handicraft, among other things. Get to know the programme!
In Satahanka, you have the possibility to do activities when it pleases you or suits your timetable. And leaders, don't forget the cafe Eye of the Night! That's where leaders are as the children are fast asleep. You can even learn about seamanship.
In Satahanka there is program on the shore as well on the sea. Join the activity on the beach and on the dinghies and boats. Don't forget the water park!