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Roverway, a joint European WAGGGS and WOSM event for 16-22 year old Rover Scouts and Rangers from all over the world. Roverway 2012 takes place in Finland 20.–28.7.2012.

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Organising Committee

Roverway Committee waiting for Christmas

Roverway 2012 is managed and led by the Roverway Committee.

Roverway Director Juho Toivola 
Roverway Deputy Director Jukka Tulivuori 
Camp Director Jari Korhonen 
Communications Director  Tanja Lumiala-Huokuniemi
Education Director Jaakko "Piitu" Piitulainen 
Finance Director Anu Helle 
HR Director Lauri "Muppe" Hilander 
Path Director Annika Rajala 
Roverway Office Director Veli-Matti "Velkka" Lammentausta
Service Director Lauri Kaski 

We currently have three employees working at the Roverway Project Office:

Roverway Project Manager Ville Salo 
Roverway Project Coordinator Anna Väänänen
Roverway Project Intern Antoine Delebarre

You can contact the Roverway Committee and Project Office by email:

Each Director in the Roverway Committee has an area team to work with. The Roverway
project organisation consists of 8 areas of work.

Camp (Evo campsite, Sub camps and Cafés)
Communications (External and Internal communication, Marketing, VIPs)
Education (Educational objectives, Activities, Ceremonies, Symbolics)
Finance (Budgeting, Sales, Funding, Controlling)
Human Resources (Recruiting, ISTs, Heads of Contingent, Workforce allocation)
Path (Tribe leader support, Path support, Path coordination)
Roverway Office (Translations, IT services)
Service (Engineering, Catering, Safety, Hygiene)

Project Office (General Inquiries, Registration, Legislation, Project Administration, etc.)
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