21st World Scout Jamboree Suomen Partiolaiset ­ Finlands Scouter ry

The Finnish Contingent

All Finnish Jamboree participants are part of the Finnish contingent. Altogether we are over 1000 people from all over Finland.

The Finnish contingent consists of units, IST members and the Staff.

TROOPS (36 participants and 4 unit leaders)
IST (International Service Team)
STAFF (Heads of Contingent, The Management Team (chiefs of program, logistics, NHQ, etc.), masters and other important people)


From Finland to Jamboree

It´s a sort of puzzle to get over 1000 Guides and Scouts from all over from Finland to Chelmsford, England. Read more...

Jamposti - The Finnish Jamboree newspaper

The Finnish Jamboree newspaper is called Jamposti (Jampost).

The Message of the Finnish team

One world, one promise. The World Scout Jamboree in 2007 is the biggest scout event in history. The Scouts and Guides of Finland sends its biggest Jamboree team ever to England. Other finns take an active role in arranging the Jamboree.

The message of the Finnish team is: Finland is everywhere! We are getting everybody aware of the facts of the Finnish nature, the global products of the Finnish wood industry. Our task is to introduce our country’s highly appreciated education system and high technology, which has among other things enabled the youth to use SMS. The main point is to introduce the Finnish part of the scout movement with its special features such as learning wilderness skills and nature-based activities.

Celebrating the World Centenary in Finland

Celebrating the World Centenary in Finland consist nine different entities.

One of the main goals of the centenary celebrations is to emphasize the role of the local Guides and Scouts as parts of the world wide movement. The motto of the year is “local groups are building the world”.